by marc radziwill.

Get your free web performance checklist with personal feedback from Marc

Only until the end of July 2020!

What you get:

  • Individual performance checklist

  • Free web performance material

  • Personal feedback from Marc

Your advantages


Individual checklist

We create your individual site speed checklist and collect all significant information about your website. We tell you where you can start optimizing and improving page speed.


Free material

Get all devcademy web performance material for free with your free devcademy community membership.


Feedback from Marc

You will receive tailored advice from web performance expert Marc. Individual actions for you for free.

Your personal web performance checklist

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This is how your checklist could look like

What is included?

  • Unused CSS
  • Unused JavaScript
  • Good and best practice
  • Text/Image compression
  • Reduce the number of requests
  • JavaScript files sizes
  • Response time
  • Website speed metrics
  • Page load time
  • Mobile site timings
  • Number of HTTP requests
  • Much more