by marc radziwill.

Web Per­formance workshop

Web Performance is still one of the most underrated topics in web development. Even though it can help us, our companies and customers with their and our business, make our website more accessible for people with a slow network and has a significant impact on a sustainable internet.

In this web performance workshop, we discover the main concepts of web performance, how you can measure them and apply the optimizations that fit your needs to improve the performance of your web application or website.

What's included:

JavaScript, Loading, Rendering Performance

Level: Beginner

Who is the workshop for?

  • JavaScript developers
  • Team leads - to improve their developer's skills
  • Project Managers team with project performance problems
  • Companies with weak sales in the online market

What will you learn?

The workshop modules


In this module, we set up all the tools we need during the workshop, and I give you an overview of how we work together.

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Planning and Metrics

To make your performance work efficient, we look at defining goals and measure them.

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JavaScript Performance

To optimize or JavaScript, we as developers need to understand how the JavaScript engines work and how they handle our code.

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Rendering Performance

Rendering performance has a massive impact on your web performance.

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Network / Loading Performance

The network or loading performance is another critical module in our workshop. You will not only satisfy your mobile users if you complete the topics of this module.

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Build / Environment Performance

It all starts while you develop and build so in this module, we work on build and environment performance.

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Testing and Monitoring

We take a look at how we can continuously test and monitor the sites we performance.

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Who is your coach?

Marc Radziwill

Web Performance Expert - Developer Advocate

Marc is a web performance consultant, a frontend architect, trainer for developers andblogsand tweets about it.

  • In over ten years of experience, I have accompanied several live events by significant customers and helped them to help themself.
  • worked with multiple clients with high traffic pages
  • has held 1000+ remote workshops and meetings
  • has a passion for website speed
  • I have many years of experience with enterprise applications and know the bottlenecks when it comes to performance problems.
  • My performance audits and work has been implemented on websites with high traffic and in highly scalable environments.

Marc likes to work with companies of all sizes and locations. Remote work is a part of his daily working life, so it doesn't matter where the company is located, which problems, needs, and budgets they have. Just drop him a line if you are interested in working together or having a digital coffee.

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